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Date of appointment: 19 july 1990.

By proposal of: Contemporary History Department.

Date of investiture: 24 may 1991.

Sponsor: Dr. Pedro Ruíz Torres and Dr. Joan Fuster Ortells.

Biographical outline:

Pierre Vilar was born in Frontignan in 1906. French historian and hispanist.

In 1925 he entered the École Normale Supérieure (ENS), specializing in Geography.
Newly graduated, in 1930 he got a scholarship in the École des Hautes Études Hispaniques. In 1932 he worked as a professor of French at the Normal School of the Generalitat in Barcelona.
During the civil war it is destined to the lycée of Sens, where it publishes texts of Marx on the history of Spain, writes reviews of works on histories of the country and helps the republicans.
Between 1939 to 1945 he was mobilized as lieutenant of the French army until he was captured in 1940, where he remained in captivity in different official camps until 1945.

In 1946 he returned to the Institut Francès de Barcelona until 1948 and in 1951 he became director of studies at the École Pratique des Hautes Études. In 1965 he was appointed professor of the Sorbonne.

Publications and works:

    Annales d'Histoire Economique et Sociale, 1935
    Histoire de l'Espagne, 1947
    Le temps du Quichotte, 1956
    Le déclin catalan du bas Moyen-Âge. Hypothèses sur sa chronologie, 1959
    The "Manual of the Companyia Nova" of Gibraltar, 1709-1723, 1962
    Growth and development, 1965
    Gold and currency in history, 1969
    Assaigs on the Catalunya of the Segle XVIII, 1979
    Introduction to the vocabulary of historical analysis, 1980
    Hidalgos, mutineers and guerrillas, 1982
    La guerre d'Espagne, 1986
    Història de Catalunya (4 vol.), 1987-1990


    Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Barcelona. 1979
    Ramon Llull Prize of the Consell del Congrés de Cultura Catalana, 1987
    Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Barcelona, ​​1991
    Medal d'Or of the Generalitat de Catalunya, 2000