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Saskia Sassen

Date of appointment: 28 july 2015.

By proposal of: Unitat d'Igualtat i Vicerectorat de Cultura i Igualtat.

Date of investiture: 15 april 2016.

Sponsor: Antonio Ariño Villaroya.

Biographical outline:

Saskia Sassen is a professor of sociology with a great international prestige in areas such as the social, economic and political dimension of globalization, and urban sociology. Its fields of research also cover phenomena such as immigration, global cities and changes in the liberal state as a result of current transnational conditions.

One of her greatest scientific contributions has been its concept of global city, currently accepted and used throughout the world. For Sassen, global cities form networks that concentrate the power of decision and new relationships between territory, authority and rights, thereby undermining the role of borders. They also generate great inequalities and social segregation that have, among other causes, the differences in access to information technologies.

Her work examines in depth the operation of the metropolitan areas where control and the direction of the world economy are exercised; Its function as a center of power and knowledge, as well as the inequalities characteristic of these social models. It has first-class scientific production

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