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Kenneth Ray Bain

Date of appointment: 24 july 2014.

By proposal of: Faculty of Teacher Training.

Date of investiture: 21 november 2014.

Sponsor: Óscar Barberá.

Biographical outline:

Kenneth Ray Bain is professor of history and education in urban environments at the University of the District of Columbia, and chairs the Best Teachers Institute.

His broad academic career has been developed at the Texas-Pan American, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, New York, Montclair, and University of the District of Columbia universities. He directed the National History Teaching Center of the USA, and founded and directed four of the most important centers for the promotion of teaching excellence in Vanderbilt, Northwestern, New York and Montclair universities. He held several academic positions within these, and in 2012 was named 'provost' (highest academic authority) of the University of the District of Columbia, the only public university in the federal capital, a position he left to retire- in July 2013.

Among his research, in the field of education, studies on the conditions under which deep and lasting learning occurs and the creation of natural critical learning environments.

Adviser to nearly five hundred universities around the world, a member of the councils and committees of more than 70 different universities and adviser to more than a dozen publishers and magazines, has obtained, among others, various prizes linked to His teaching and books, among which he emphasizes 'What do the best university professors'.

Videos of the investiture ceremony:

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