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Date of appointment: 27 september 2013.

By proposal of: Faculty of Law.

Date of investiture: 26 may 2014.

Sponsor: Martín Queralt.

Biographical outline:

Pascual Sala Sánchez (València, 1935). President of the Constitutional Court between 2011 and 2013, of the Supreme Court and of the General Council of the Judicial Power (1990 1996) and of the Court of Accounts of Spain (1988-1990).

Law degree from the Universitat de València, he taught as a professor helping the Faculty of Law of this university and as a consulting professor at the School of the Lawyers' Body of the State of Argentina.

Pascual Sala entered the judicial race in 1962, with number one of his class. Throughout his extensive judicial activity, he served as judge of first instance and instruction, and as a judge of the Administrative Litigation Chamber. After obtaining the category of specialist magistrate in this jurisdiction, he exercised in different territorial audiences, as an advisor to the Court of Auditors, as a Magistrate of the Supreme Court and as a permanent member of the General Codification Commission.

Author of a broad work of doctrinal work in the field of Law, his legal activity has been recognized with the 'Important' and 'Garcia Esteve' awards to jurists of recognized prestige. Among other distinctions and decorations have been granted the Grande Cruz de San Raimundo de Peñafort and the Medal of the Order of Merit

Videos of the investiture ceremony:

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