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Nataša Kandić

Date of appointment: 26 september 2000.

By proposal of: V Centuries Organizational Commission.

Date of investiture: 31 may 2001.

Sponsor: Dr.Juan Carlos Carbonell and Dr. Carlos Esplugues Mota.

Biographical outline:

Nataša Kandić, graduated in Law and Sociology by the University of Belgrade in 1972. She was one of the first voices that arose in the ancient Yugoslavia to denounce a system that rejected fundamental rights and was leading towards totalitarianism.

Among other groups, she belongs to Women in Black and she was organiser of the campaign called Candles for the Peace. This campaign consisted on being present every day, between October 8, 1991 and February 8, 1993, outside the building of the Presidency of Serbia in order to read the names of the people dying in the war. Nataša Kandić founded a weekly publication and a Non-Governmental Body.

Images of the investiture ceremony:
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