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Thomas F. Glick

Date of appointment: 24 september 2009.

By proposal of: Faculty of Geography and History.

Date of investiture: 14 june 2010.

Sponsor: Dr. Enric Guinot and Dr. Antoni Furió.

Biographical outline:

Thomas Glick, born in Cleveland (Ohio, USA) in 1939, and currently professor of Medieval History in the University of Boston, is a specialist in the Valencian historical irrigation and in the reception of the scientific ideas - and especially Darwinism - in Spain.

PhD in History from Harvard University, graduated in History and Sciences from the same University and from the University of Columbia in Australia, took part in the PhD courses at the University of Barcelona in 1960. He has been a professor at the universities of Texas and Boston, and visiting professor at different Spanish and Latin American universities. He is the director of the Shtetl Economic History Project and professor of medieval history of Spain, of history of science and history of modern science.

From the beginning, he was interested in the knowledge of the different Iberian cultures, which allowed him to give a greater dimension to his status as a Spanish state than the rest of the historians, which implies the knowledge of the different cultures of Spain and Latin America, as well as the cultures that have been related to these, such as Portuguese, Arabic and Jewish.

He also stressed the importance of granting a strong scientific component to his traditional historical formation, for which he has written several works related to the history of science and technology, comparing the dissemination of ideas and scientific techniques, which were new , also in relation to the Spanish-American sphere, where they emphasize their work on the reception in these countries of evolutionism, psychoanalysis and the theory of relativity.

He has worked extensively in the reception of Darwinism in the Iberian world. He has been editor of The Comparative Receipt of Darwinism (1988, 2nd ed.), Darwinism Reception in the Iberian World (2001), Darwinism Reception in Brazil (2003) and Charles Darwin Reception in Europe (2 vols) . ., 2008).

He is a member of the Spanish Society for the History of Science, the Catalan Society for the History of Science, the Mexican Society for the History of Science, a member of the Real Academia de Bones Lletres de Barcelona Society of History and Society Sciences for the History of Technology.

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