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The nomination of 'Honoris Causa' Doctor by the University of Valencia is regulated by the "Regulations of Nomination of Dr. Honoris Causa" approved by the Governing Board of April 30, 1998, modified according to the Governing Board of February 23, 1999.

According to this Regulations, for being invested 'Honoris Causa' Doctor, the candidate has to be proposed by the absolute majority of one or more Faculty Boards or by absolute majority of one or more Department Counsils, assumed this proposal by the absolute majority of the corresponding Faculty Boards.He/She can also be proposed by the Principal.

The proposal will have to be presented in the Doctoral Studies Committee, together with a justified report of motives, a curriculum of the candidate's professional activity and, if it is necessary, a special mention of the candidate's link with the University of Valencia.

This record is submitted to the information of the University Community to, afterwards, receive the Report of the Doctoral Studies Committee, which rises the proposal to the Governing Council for its approval, if it is necessary.

Besides extraordinary cases a 'Honoris Causa' Doctor is not nominated by the same Faculty or School in a period of three years, and the nomination of one or more 'Honoris Causa' Doctors each year does not take place.