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Once the First Training Cycle of the Universitat dels Majors Programme is finished, there is the possibility of carrying out a Second Cycle, called Higher/Specialisation Cycle. Therefore, YOU CAN ONLY ACCESS THIS SECOND CYCLE WHEN YOU HAVE TAKEN THE FIRST ONE.

The specialisation cycle is oriented to provide to students knowledge, skills and possibilities of deepen and intervene in a specific field of that knowledge making possible, this way, the elaboration of researches or participating in intervention/research projects.


Forth Course: The current world, Active Ageing and intergenerational relations, Literature and Human Rights Workshop.

Fifth Course: Philosophy: Contemporary Thinkers, Art History in the Valencian Community II (from Baroque to the 21st century), the European Union and Cinema History.
In this case, the compulsory subjects has to be completed also with a series of free-elective subjects that the centre offers until completing the 200 hours per course. Once these two years have been finished, the students receive the HIGHER OR SPECIALISATION LEVEL SENIOR UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA.