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The UV develops a grants programme for top-level, high performance and elite athletes in order to facilitate the blending of university studies and top-level and elite sport. The main goal of the grants programme for elite athletes of the UV is to support top level, (those who are included in the list of top level athletes published annually by the Superior Sports Council in the Spanish Official Gazette), high performance and national team athletes of the Valencian Community (those who are in the list of elite athletes published annually in the Council of the Valencian Government in the Official Bulletin of the Valencian Community (DOCV) like level A and B) and of high level (athletes who have obtained one of the three best positions in the University Spanish championships). All athletes mentioned above should be enrolled in this university in the academic current year, so they can combine their university studies with sports practice, based on training, pre-match meeting, competitions and other activities needed for getting sport results.

This goal is achieved through the concession of economic aids, the possibility of obtaining free registration on the school or faculty where the studies are taught and economic-academic aids which can be accessed by all top-level athletes who have reached the stablished requirement.