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The UV, together with the Universities of Alacant, Cardenal Herrera-CEU, Jaume I, Miguel Hernández, Politècnica de Valencia and Católica Sant Vicent Mártir organises and participates, through the corresponding Sport Services, in the Regional University Sport Championship of the Valencian Community.

The aim of this competition is none other than promoting sports among students from various universities that are part of the Valencian Community. This competition has a few General Rules and Discipline Rules, that together with the Sport Discipline Rules of the Spanish University Championships, the official playing rules and the regulations of several Spanish sport federations, provide a stable legal framework for the development of the competition.

The CEU is organised for both team sports and individual sports:

  • Individual sports: Athletics, badminton, cross-country, chess, fencing, frontenis, golf, judo, kendo, orientation, paddle, Valencian pilota, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, archery, triathlon and beach volleyball.
  • Team sports: basketball, handball, volleyball, football, indoor football and rugby, all in men and women modalities.

More information on the Valencian Community University Sports Autonomous Championship website.