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The competitions area is responsible for organising and coordinating all the competitive activities of the Universitat de València. Our principal aim is to promote the competition among members of the UV, both internally and regionally, nationally and internationally. The Universitat de València organises or participates in these competitions:

UV championship. The university organises competitions in different sports, team and individual, which each year proclaim the winners of the Universitat de València.

Members of the university community as students, PDI and PAS may participate in these championships. There are also competitions only geared towards university’s staff (PDI and PAS).
In team sports members may belong to different degrees, unless the contrary is indicated in a championship in particular.

Principal’s Trophy. Right after the UV Championship, the Principal’s Trophy will be held, to end the activities of internal competition of each course.

You can get 1 credit ECTS by participating in internal competition.







  • Registration in individual sports is in your personal capacity. Each sport has its own regulation and in some cases there can be several categories. Select the sport to access information and registration procedure.
  • Enrollment in internal competitions of individual sports is made through the tab “SELFENROLLMENT”, which you access from the ES website www.uv.es/sesport, or directly in the link webges.uv.es/uvPROCursosWeb/matriculaSerport. You have to select:
    • Campus: Blasco Ibáñez or Tarongers, in Burjassot there is no offer.
    • Kind: Competitions/Schools
    • Term: 1 (Blasco Ibáñez Campus), 1 or 2 (Tarongers Campus).
  • The amount for enrollment is 6,00 € (except Pádel and Double Tenis: 12 €/pair) includes all the competition days of that sport, that is paid by bank card.
  • Each sport has a different quantity of days. In some of them only UV students can participate, in others only UV students, PAS and PDI and in others also external users, according to the day and sport features. You can registrate in so many as you like, there is no fixed timeline. As long as there are days to celebrate you can registrate yourself.
  • You can get information about day competition of each sport accessing that sport in the list on our web www.uv.es/sesport.
  • Individual sports that usually, each academic year, schedule internal competitions are: chessathletics, badminton, climbing, fencing, frontennis, judo, kendo, orienteering, padel, Valencian ball, squash, tennis, table tennis  archery and  sailing.
  •  You can gel 1 credit ECTS by participating in internal competition.



  • You can team up with at the initiative of the participants who have to be represented by one team delegate who, apart from participating as a player, is the person in charge of the relations between her/his team and the organization.
  • Only UV members can registrate in Sport Service internal competitions. Enrollment in internal competitions of team sports is made through the tab  “SELFENROLLMENT”, on SS website https://www.uv.es/sesport, or directly on the following link webges.uv.es/uvPROCursosWeb/matriculaSerport. You have to select:
    • Campus: Blasco Ibáñez, Burjassot or Tarongers
    • Kind: Competitions/Schools
    • Term.
  • Each team can registrate in the internal competition  at any of the 3 Campuses.
  • Registration timeline is fixed each academic year, but usually in October. You can participate only in one of the campuses for the same sport.
  • When you are in Selfenrollment, team Delegate has to select the Campus where you want to play,  INTERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP of the sport you are interested in, and one group. Each group has a different day and time band to play.
  • Team registration will be made by the person who is going to be the team delegate, who will pay the amount of 70,00€ by bank card. Registration in competitions just female and basketball 3x3, have an amount of 50,00€. 
  • When payment is made, team delegate will receive an email with instructions for the access to a user count of the team control context, from which you will be able to accept players during the season, within the fixed timelines. 
  • To accept players of the team, they will have to registrate individually also in Selfenrollment, selecting the Campus, Internal Competition, LIST OF PLAYERS of the corresponding sport. Registration fee in the list of players is zero Euros. Just team registration is paid.
  • Team sports that have internal competition are Basketball, basketball 3x3, football 7, indoor football and volleyball , with the following modalities: Basketball male, basketball mixed , Basketball 3x3 male, Basketball 3x3 mixed, Football 7 male, Football 7 mixed, Indoor football male, Indoor football female and Volleyball. 
  • You can get more information on internal competition of each sport accessing that sport in the list on our website https://www.uv.es/sesport, and within the sport, “Internal Competitions”. Or sending an email to
    • competi.blascoibanez@gmail.com (Blasco Ibáñez)
    • competi.burjassot@gmail.com (Burjassot)
    • competi.tarongers@gmail.com (Tarongers).
  • For the participation in internal competition you can get 1 credit ECTS each academic year, but you must have played at least 80% of the total matches of your team in the regular phase of the competition, (it is pending that the governing board grants credits ECTS for playing 6 matches.)