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Sports School

With the aim of offering a kind of sport of leisure-educative aspect, we want to bet for a sporting practice set out without competition.

According to the sports modality, the approaching of training sessions is different. If you want to obtain all the information with regard to a determined sport, you will find the characteristics of the school (training days, methods of payment, groups and campuses where the activities are held, etc.)

The registration begins 14th September until the places offered are covered.

Sports school trainings are:

  • 1st Term: from 1st October 220 to 31st January 2021
  • 2nd term: from 1st February 2021 to 31st May 2021

Offer for academic course 2019/2020 is the following:

To carry out this activity it is necessary to belong to university community UV or to have the sport card.

If you want to apply for competing in the sport you practise in the Sports School, you can obtain information “Competitions” and once there in “Intern Competition”. The monitors and trainers of the sport schools may shed some light on your doubts.

For the practice at the sport schools 1 ECTS credit can be obtained.

The entry to the self-enrolment is placed, on the cover web page and in the section of self-enrolment.
The guidelines to obtain these ECTS credits, can be seen by entering in the related section of the homepage.