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Tennis is a sport played with rackets which is played between two players (individuals) or between two couples (doubles). It takes a racket.

Information and registration:

From 18th September in Amparo Llopez's office (Calle Menéndez Pelayo 19 Valencia )
Tel 963983245
E-mail: M.Amparo.Llopez@uv.es

Tennis coordinator in Blasco Ibáñez

  • Cristina Tel 633138151
  • Alfonso Tel 609758925

Tennis coordinator in Tarongers and Burjassot

  • Elena Tel 617598888


  • monthly mini-courses
  • The first mini-course will begin on 1st October 2018 and the last one will end on 31st May 2019

Price per mini-course

  • UV community: €39/month
  • Non-UV community: €49/month