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Forró is a music genre that is danced in couples and was born in the Northeastern region of Brazil. It is a popular dance that combines elements of salsa, tango and samba.

Forró has simple and catchy rhythms that mix European melodies (such as polka) and African and Indo-American rhythms. When you dance, you embrace your couple seeking for a connection and a dialogue between the bodies. This dance is intimate and loving, and produces comfort in the dancers. This is the reason why forró is known as the art of the hug.

In the classes, students will learn a wide range of knowledge, from the basic abilities to the most complex steps. Little by little, rhythm, creativity, leading, connection and posture improve so that students enjoy their dancing experience the most.

In addition, the gender perspective is applied in the classes in order to deconstruct the stereotypes of dancing in couples. Everyone will learn two aspects of Forró: leading and following.