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Partial recognition of foreign studies for Spanish university studies at the University of Valencia must meet the criteria set by the University Coordination Board, the Governing Council of the University of Valencia and the University of Valencia Faculty/School Boards.
If you have foreign university studies eligible for partial validation and you wish to continue the same or equivalent studies at the University of Valencia, you should request admission and validation from the faculty or school offering the degree programme. 

Admission criteria

General criteria

Taking into consideration the grades and the number of available places in the degree programme, admission may be considered if the academic transcript submitted is eligible for validation of the complete first year or a minimum of 60 credits.

Criteria of precedence

Faculty/school boards, at the proposal of the relevant Academic Coordinating Committee, shall establish criteria of precedence in degree programmes that have problems with available places. Each academic year it is necessary to determine the number of places that faculties and schools may allocate in order to be filled. In these cases, a preliminary study is to be carried out with the purpose of evaluating the applicant’s academic record. Admission is subject to the existence of available places. Both the criteria and number of available places are published on the notice boards at the school or faculty.

Selection criteria

If the request for a place is for studies in which the demand is lower than the number of places available, the faculty/school boards may establish selection criteria. However, the validation of a minimum of 15 credits or, if applicable, one subject may be enough to be selected.

Students who can request partial validation

Submission of admission applications for partial validation of studies abroad is possible for:

  1. Students with partial official university studies abroad.
  2. Students with a foreign degree who have applied for official recognition of this degree and have been denied if it is not due to the causes stated in Article 5 of the Royal Decree 285/2004, 20 February (university-specific degrees and diplomas, Spanish degrees being phased out, qualifications that are not officially recognised by the country of origin, degrees awarded by institutions that are not accredited, and degrees already validated).
  3. Students with a foreign degree who have not applied for official recognition of this degree.
  4. Students with a degree who have already applied for or have already obtained official recognition of the generic academic degree of licenciado (5-year degree) or diplomado (3-year degree).


The process is to be initiated by the student and addressed to the dean of the faculty or director of the school accompanied with the following documents:

  1.  Proof of nationality of the applicant (certified copy of DNI or passport).
  2.  Document certifying studies which states the official duration in academic years of the study programme, subjects taken, hours for each subject, grades, etc.
  3.  Course description of the subjects taken, stamped by the university of origin.
  4.  Official document certifying that the university of origin is accredited or is recognised in the country’s higher education system.
  5.  Signed declaration stating that official recognition of the degree has not been applied for or is pending resolution.
  6.  Any other document the applicant or faculty/school deems necessary for the request.


Foreign documents

  1. Need to be official and issued by the authorities competent in the matter, in accordance with the country’s law.
  2. Need to be legalised through diplomatic channels or, if applicable, through the Apostille of The Hague. This is not required for documents issued by authorities in member states of the European Union or countries that have signed the Agreement on the European Economic Area.
  3. Need to be accompanied, if applicable, by an official translation into any of the official languages of the Valencian Community.

Payment of fees

Student admission by partial validation entails payment of fees to include this official recognition in the academic transcript. The amount is added to the enrolment fee.

Legislative Regulations