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Programme code: 3153

Regulations: Royal Decree 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Health sciences

Doctoral website: www.uv.es/docperinatal

Organised by:Department of Psychological Personality, Evaluation and Treatment

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participant Universities:Universitat de València.- Estudi General

Programme coordinator:María Soledad Lila Murillo

1st year available places:3 places

Aims: The general goal of this doctoral programme is to provide an advanced training in research methodology applied to the field of Perinatal and Child Psychology and Psychopathology, that qualifies doctoral students to carry out researches independently and with critical appraisal in a multidisciplinary context. The doctoral studies shall, at minimum, guarantee the acquisition by the doctoral students of the basic competencies which are in the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, specifically: systematic understanding of a field of study of legal sciences, and mastery of its skills and methods of research; ability to conceive, design or create, implement and adapt a substantial process of research and creation; ability to make a critical and assessment analysis, and synthesis of new and complex ideas, as well as communication with the academic and scientific community and society in general about their fields of knowledge; and an ability to promote, within academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural advance in a knowledge-based society.

Description: The interest in this proposal is linked to the relevance of research works developed by the researcher teaching staff of the University Master’s degree in Perinatal and Child Psychology and Psychopathology because of the numerous international and, particularly, European researches that have been carried out over the last two decades in the different disciplines dealing with mental perinatal and child health, both in the field of basic research and in the field of clinical research. Also, it is linked to the importance of training specialists able to continue promoting, in a trandisciplinary way, the research in their corresponding professional fields to increase health care in the perinatal and child stages.

For administrative information contact with: doctorado@uv.es

For academic information contact with: sandra.simo@uv.es

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