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La Soledat de la Màscara by Paco Berdonces

Schedule: From 12 march 2020 to 20 april 2020. Tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 19:00 to 00:00.


Place: Hall of Residence Rector Peset


The Muralla Hall of the Hall of Residence Rector Peset will hold the exhibition La soledat de la màscara (Catalan for The loneliness of the mask), by Paco Berdonces, as a new approach of looking and recognising.

We can define the mask as a figure that represents a human, animal or purely an imaginary face. Through masks, humans can cover their faces in order to not being recognised or by taking the aspect of other people. For Paco Berdonces, this possibility has infinity of means and games.

Paco Berdonces graduated in Fine Arts in 1986, although his trajectory began in the 1970s since he is a self-taught artist. The evolution of his work takes him in pursuit of the expressions of the human body, specifically the face. He shapes them with changing expressions similar to masks. As the artist himself explains, he is personally interested, as a humanist, in the figure of the man. Specifically, the man’s face “where supposedly the truth lies on” or his truth. “The portrait has to do with his truth”.

Thus he invites us to reflect on a new approach of looking, born of the need for a new trend of thought from which we can set limits to our technocratic delirium and devastation, and thus to ourselves. This titanic work will have to begin by achieving a new approach of looking at things (and therefore, recognising), towards the goal of breaking the cage in which we are trapped.

The exhibition history of Paco Berdonces began in 1974. Since that moment until today, he has carried out more than thirty exhibitions, individuals and collectives. He received the Second Prize for Painting in the 18th Biennial of Alexandria. He has hold exhibitions in Egypt and Italy. He was selected by the Traetta Society of London to design and make the statuette of the Traetta Prize.

The exhibition is open to the public since 12 March to 20 April 2020, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is located in the Muralla Hall of the Universitat de València’s Hall of Residence Rector Peset. (Plaça del Forn de San Nicolau, 4. València).

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