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The Universitat de València publishes a new magazine of scientific dissemination called Academia Journal Ciència Equilibrada

The Universitat the València has created a new magazine of scientific dissemination called Academia Journal Ciència Equilibrada. It is a biannual online publication written for the general public that addresses science in a more didactic and dynamic way. The new magazine looks for an interdisciplinary balance among all the fields of knowledge. It also follows the principle of gender equality and promotes the use of Valencian as a language of scientific output and dissemination. There will be one section called l’Entrevista, which will focus on the experiences of female researchers

Academia Journal is written in Spanish, English and Valencian. It counts on the support of the Valencian Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport; and the Scientific Culture Unit of the Universitat de València. The magazine is hosted in the Open Journal System of the Universitat de València.

Sources from the Scientific Committee have underlined that “the academic community is very satisfied with the new magazine because it is the best way to validate scientific knowledge.”

The parts of this publication will be an editorial, articles, letters of the editors, a forum (for critical reflection on the state of research in different areas of knowledge), interviews (section that will contribute to raise awareness on the publications of female researchers) and reviews related to scientific dissemination.

The magazine will count on a work group called Ciència Equilibrada. It will be formed by experts on different fields. Thus, Ciència Equilibrada changes the traditional hierarchies in the structure and development of academia in the scientific world. This will result in more equity, the promotion of other ways of working and the reduction of gender bias. Therefore, it aims to move away from a model of science based on androcentricity and the inconsistency between natural sciences and social and human sciences.

Three objectives

Within the first objective of Academia Journal – promoting the interdisciplinary balance among all the sciences - they will search the balance of articles among each one of the five branches of knowledge. In addition, as part of the policy to promote gender equality, the editorial board will make sure that half or more than half of the publications of the magazine will be signed by women.  Regarding the third objective - promoting the use of Valencian as a language of scientific output and dissemination – it will be supported in an environment in which other languages will be also promoted, especially English.

Access to the magazine: