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“Science to improve the world”
Conferenced leaded by Pedro Gómez-Romero, winner of the 2015 European Award of Scientific Dissemination.

Hosts: Reis Juan, journalist

There are many ways to change the world and, in some way, we all change it every day. However, the scientific discoveries or the development of new technologies give the opportunity of accomplish radical and immeasurable transformations.  Alessandro Volta, the physicist, did not invent the battery to feed any electronic device, but his invention, once shared, changed our world in a way he could never imagine. This is a fascinating journey to discover the relationship between science and technology, and the enormous effects that the scientific discoveries have in our society.
Pedro Gómez-Romero (Almansa, 1959) is a professor and scientific disseminator of the CSIC in the Institut Català de Nanociencia i Nanotecnología, ICN2, where he manages NEO-Energy ( He is the author of about 200 publications in international magazines and of numerous scientific dissemination articles. He has wined various prestigious awards thanks his scientific dissemination work.


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