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Clodoaldo Roldán Department of Applied Physics and Electromagnetism of the Universitat de València.

Currently, the study and characterization of archaeological items and works of art comprises a wide range of disciplines and integrates multidisciplinary teams of archaeologists, historian, physicists, chemists, etc., who apply the scientific method with a common objective: the study of the materials used in the elaboration of cultural property. The conference aims to show, though examples, the potentialities of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) as a non-destructive analytical technique applied to the study of historical and cultural heritage.


The conference has two parts. The first part comprises a brief technical introduction with the description of the physical principles and the instrumentation in which the technique is based. In the second part presents examples of applications to the study and characterization of various artistic manifestations in the field of cave painting, mural painting, altarpieces, painting on canvas, ceramic pigments, glass, metal alloys, paper and inks.

Brief Curriculum

I am Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Physics and Electromagnetism in the Universitat de València and I am attached to the Institute of Material Science (ICMUV).  I have taught and currently taught in subjects of Physics in different Degrees of the Universitat de València: Physics, Chemical Engineering, Telematics Engineering, Industrial Electronic Engineering, Biology, Medicine and Surgery.  Also, I am Professor in subjects related to analytic techniques applied to the characterization of the cultural material heritage of the Master’s Degree in Archaeology and the Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage, both in the Universitat de València. I have developed lines of research related to nuclear techniques and Monte-Carlo simulations applied to the characterization of radioactive sources, to the study of the proton activation of materials for space detectors and the measurement of environmental radioactivity. I am currently the technical director of the Environmental Radiactivity Laboratory (LARAM) of the Universitat de València.

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