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Light, chemistry and action workshop

(PhD. Raquel I. Galian and Professor Soranyel González Carrero of the Institute of Molecular Science of the Universitat de València)

This activity is aimed to 5th and 6th grade students.

During this workshop, students will receive a brief theoretical introduction of the basic concepts of light, the electromagnetic spectrum and the interaction Light-matter (colour, absorption, luminescence, etc.).

The most common usages of sunlight as a sustainable energy source will be discussed. Subsequently, two practical activities will be carried out by two groups.

The workshop will be carried out by PhD. Raquel E. Galani and Professor Soranyel Gonzalez Carero, of the Institute of Molecular Science of the Universitat de València.

1-  Luminescence.

Through visual examples, students will be able to understand the phenomenon of luminescence, both of organic and inorganic molecules, some of which are found in our daily lives. There will be a brief introduction of luminescent nanomaterials and their applications in new technologies.

2-  Chemiluminescence.

  1. How do luminescent bars work? During this activity, students will practice the concept of chemiluminescence, in other words, the production of light from a chemical reaction.
  2. Do we play detectives? Luminol is a molecule capable of generating light when it reacts to an oxidizing agent and is widely used in forensic chemistry for the detection of blood. In this experience, two real samples will be analysed and it will be determined which sample contains haemoglobin remains, thanks to the emission of blue light, the colour of luminol.

Resources/recommendations for each topic: books, web pages of interest, documentaries, videos, etc.

PhD. Raquel Gilian and Professor Soranyel Gonzalez Carero.

R.E. Galian, “Avances Recientes en el campo de la Nanotecnología”, DEBAT, La química del Laboratorio a la Vida, 2012, 88-91

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2.  Brief Curriculum

Responsible for the Activity: PhD. Raquel Galian and Professor Soranyel Gonzalez Carero

PhD Galian obtained her PhD at the Universidad Nacional de Córboba (Argentina). Subsequently, she held postdoctoral stays at the Universitat Politècnica de València, University of Ottawa (Canada) and the Universitat de València, where she gained experience in photosensitivity processes of aromatic ketones and functionalisation of protonic crystalline fibres with organic and inorganic fluorophores. In 2007, she obtained a Ramón y Cajal Research contract and she is currently researcher at the Universitat de València. Since then, she has specialised in the preparation of luminescent nanomaterials, with the application as sensors of biological interest, photocatalysts and design of hybrid multifunctional system. During her professional career, her research has always been related to the interaction of light, both with organic molecules and nanomaterials and it has been a source of inspiration to the development of various science dissemination activities. Since 2009, she has been carrying out the workshop “Make your Slime Shine” at the Open Days of the Science Park, Member’s Day of Arts and Sciences 2011 and Expojove 2017. She has given science dissemination seminars related to the Nanoscience and Luminescent Nanomaterials in the Nau Gran, Pint of Science and Nanoscience Festival 10alamenos9.


Professor Soranyel González Carrero has completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the Universidad de los Andes, Mérida-Venezuela, doing her Master's Degree in Experimental and Industrial Organic Chemistry at the Universidad de València. Currently, she is doing his doctorate studies at the Universitat de València. Her research focuses on the design of photoactive semiconductor nanoparticles of interest. During the development of the Master and the Doctorate, she has participated in outreach activities for children and adolescents, such as open days of the Science Park (2013-2017); Expojove 2015; Luminescence workshop on the Day of the Girl Child and the Scientific Woman in 2017 and 2018, bringing the concepts of photochemistry through quick and simple experiments.

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These activities are funded by the Spanish Science and Technology Foundation and the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.