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with the aim of encouraging the creation and dissemination of works that, in an understandable language, make available to the general public and specifically to pre-university students the scientific and technological progresses, and also the dissemination of interesting aspects of the different knowledge areas.

1. The award is open to essays of popular scientific and technological dissemination written in Valencian, Spanish, English or French with a length between 100 and 200 single-sided A4 paper sheets, typed and double-spaced. An electronic copy must be attached. «Opta al Premi Europeu de Divulgació Científica Estudi General 2014», the title, the author’s name, their address and telephone number and their e-mail address must appear in the front page. The works submitted must be of original authorship and unpublish. 
2.- The titles of the works submitted will be published in this website In the event that a title does not appear as submitted, please contact by e-mail to The originals, typed and perfectly legible, must be submitted in five copies. They can also be submitted under a pseudonym, in this case the appropriate sealed bid must be attached. 
3. The economic award of the Estudi General Prize is 12,000 €, that will be understood as the payment for the copyrights of the first 2,000 copies in Valencian and, if it were the case, of the first 2,000 copies sold in Spanish, and the legally established withholdings will be applied. 
4. The jury will be composed by the Principal of the University of Valencia, or Vice-Principal to whom he delegates, and that will preside it; Alzira’s mayor, or the alderman to whom she delegates; Fernando Sapiña, Salvador Macip, Chris Willmott and a researcher of the University of Valencia. 
5.- Only the works of scientific dissemination will be selected, and their scientific interest, the dissemination of any knowledge branch, their creativity and the language used will be evaluated. The jury will follow the procedure of consecutive voting until reaching a majority of votes in favour of a particular work, which will be the winner. However, if the jury thinks that none of the works presented meets the minimum quality to be published, the prize will not be awarded. In any case the prize will not be split. 
6. Edicions Bromera and the Publications Service of the University of Valencia will publish jointly the awarded book in Valencian, in the collection «Sense Fronteres». Likewise, the publishing houses aforementioned will have a preferential option, during a maximum of one month, to decide to publish the non-awarded works, if the jury recommends so. The Publications Service of the University of Valencia will have the preferential option for publishing in other languages and will promote the translation. 
7.- The deadline for submitting the originals will end the 12 September 2014. The works must be handed in the Register of the University of Valencia, addressed to the Càtedra de Divulgació de la Ciència de la Universitat de València, Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 13. 46010 València. 
8.- The title of the winning work will be made public on the 14 November 2014. The award will be given the same day in which the rest of prizes “Ciutat d’Alzira” will be awarded, the night of the 14 November 2014, during a literary dinner in which the winners will receive the economic prize and the trophy designed by Manuel Boix, symbol of the Ciutat d’Alzira Literary Awards. 
9.- The originals that have not been awarded can be collected, from the 1 December 2014, in the Chair for Scientific Dissemination of the University of Valencia. The possible courier expenses that the return of the works may cause will be assumed by the author who requests it. Likewise, the organisation denies any liability in case some copy is lost by accident After a period of one month, the works that have not been collected will be destroyed. 
10.- The winner is committed to be part of the jury of the following edition of the award, as a duty derived from the award, which includes the remuneration of the commitment aforementioned.
11.- The presentation of the originals implies the full acceptance of these rules and the rights and obligations derived. The questions that are not covered in these rules will be solved by the jury according to their own judgement” 
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