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The University of Valencia and Alzira’s City Council announce the XXII Estudi General European Award for Scientific Dissemination in collaboration with Edicions Bromera. The aim is encouraging the production and dissemination of works which inform the public of new scientific and technological developments, and also the dissemination of the different areas of knowledge. The deadline for submitting the originals is 16 September 2016 and the prize amount is set at 12,000€.


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1. The award is open to essays devoted to popularising scientific and technological knowledge. Works must be written in Catalan, Spanish, English or French and have a length between 100 and 200 A4 paper sheets typed double-spaced on one side. An electronic copy must also be attached. The cover must include «Opta al Premi Europeu de Divulgació Científica Estudi General 2016», as well as the title, the author’s name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. The works submitted must be original and unpublished. 

2. Contestants must submit five type-written and perfectly legible copies. They can use a pseudonym by attaching their real names in a sealed envelope. 

3. The deadline for submitting the originals is 16 September 2016. The works must be handed in to the University of Valencia Registry Office, addressed to the Càtedra de Divulgació de la Ciència de la Universitat de València, Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 13. 46010 València. They may also be submitted to any official registry office as provided for in article 83.4 of Law 30/1992, of 26 November, governing the legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure. Following the deadline, the titles of the works submitted will be published on the website during 10 days for possible complaints, which may be filed by sending an e-mail to After this period, and upon settlement of claims, a definitive list will be published.

4.  The prize amount is set at 12,000€, subject to withholding tax, as payment of royalties for the first 2,000 copies sold in Valencian and, if it were the case, for the first 2,000 copies sold in Spanish.

5. The jury is composed of Pilar Campins Falcó, the Vice-Principal for Research and Science Policy; Fernando Sapiña, director of the “Sense Fronteres” popular science collection; Pedro Gómez Romero, award winner in the 21st edition; Beatriz Gallardo, researcher of the Department of Language Theory and Communication Sciences, and Mª José Lorente, researcher of the Department of Cell Biology, Functional Biology and Physical Anthropology. If a member of the jury finds any reason for abstention, they must decline being part of it, without prejudice to the liabilities for failing to do so. For an objective assessment of works, the jury will consider the following weighting criteria:

- Scientific interest and coherence: up to 3 points.

- Creativity and originality: up to 3 points.

- Clarity and structure of the text: up to 3 points.

- Correct use of grammar and spelling: up to 1 point.

6. The jury will follow the procedure of successive votes until a majority of votes is obtained for a given work, which will be the winner. However, the prize may not be awarded if the jury considers that none of the works presented meets the minimum quality standards to be published. In no case may the prize amount be split among multiple winners. 

7. Edicions Bromera and the University of Valencia Publications Service will co-publish the Valencian version of the award-winning work in the «Sense Fronteres» collection. Also, these publishers will have a preferential option, for a maximum of one month, to publish the non-winning essays on the recommendation of the jury. The University of Valencia Publications Service will have the preferential option to publish in other languages and will promote translations. 

8. The title of the award-winning work will be made public on 11 November 2016. The prize will be awarded on the same date as the rest of Ciutat d’Alzira prizes, that is, on 11 November 2016, during a literary awards dinner in which the winners will receive the economic prize and the trophy that is the symbol of the Ciutat d’Alzira Literary Awards, designed by Manuel Boix. 

9. Non-winning entries can be collected from 1 December 2016 from the Chair for Scientific Dissemination of the University of Valencia. The possible courier costs of returning the works will be borne by the author requesting the return. The organisation cannot be held responsible for the accidental loss of any copy. After a period of one month, the works that have not been collected will be destroyed. 

10. The winner is committed to be part of the jury of the following edition of the awards, as a duty derived from the award which is entitled to remuneration.

11. The presentation of a work implies full acceptance of these rules and of the rights and obligations deriving from them. All matters not covered by these rules will be solved at the jury’s discretion.

12. An appeal against the jury’s resolution may be lodged with the Principal of the University of Valencia within one month from the day following that of notification or publication.

13. The granting of these awards shall be subject to these rules or, failing these, to the Law 1/2015, of 6 February, of the Valencian Government, governing public finance, the instrumental public sector and subsidies, and to the Law 30/1992, of 26 November, on the legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure.


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