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  1. The University participates in the study to detect the first evidence of human consumption of mushrooms 27/04/2015

  2. Perfil de ciència: Alejandro Gaita-Ariño, científic i activista. 30/03/2015
  3. Researchers from the University of Valencia present a critical analysis of the possibilities of creating artificial life 12/03/2015

  4.  A study shows how the altered intestinal bacterial community worsens health in HIVinfected patients   02/03/2015

  5. Article Eugenio Roldan i German Valcarcel,  2015 any de la llum

  6. UV researchers first to describe the modular anatomical structure of the human head 17/01/2015

  7. A study by the University of Valencia shows the different social services policy followed in 20 municipalities in L'Horta Sud region between 2003 and 2012 13/02/2015

  8. The FISABIO-University of Valencia Chair creates the first Biomedical Athenaeum 11/02/2015

  9. A research progresses on reduction of lung injuries caused by mechanical breathing 28/01/2015

  10. Juan Ignacio Cirac protagonitzarà un Encontre d’Excel·lència VLC/CAMPUS en Física  27/01/2015

  11. The UV studies the wetlands to know their potential as carbon sewers to mitigate climate change 19/01/2015

  12. The physics and technology fair-contest, Feria-Concurso Experimenta, celebrates its tenth anniversary 16/01/2015

  13. Espai Ciència: Cicle Premis Nobel 2014  16/01/2015

  14.   13/01/2014

  15. Aporten noves proves sobre l’eficàcia de la perovskita en la producció d’energia solar   08/01/2015

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