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23nd State Meeting of University Defenders at the University of Cádiz

  • November 22nd, 2021

From the 10th to the 12th of November, the XXIII State Meeting of University Ombudspeople took place at the University of Cádiz, attended by the ombuds officer and vice-officer of this Universitat. The programme was divided in three sessions, structured in talks and work groups. The first session was on the 10th and it was about “mediation/conciliation”, with a talk on “Mediation in the Andalusian Ombudsperson”, in the charge of Mrs. Marina Otero Reina, head of the Mediation area of the Andalusian Ombudsperson. In the second and third session, held the next day, topics on “the mutual respect in the management of complaints” were analysed, with a talk by Dr. Severiano Fernández Ramos, full university professor of the Administrative Law area and general secretary of the University of Cádiz, and “challenges and possibilities of the new face-to-face version in the University”, with a talk given by Dr. Mª Paz Prendes Espinosa, full university professor of the Educational Technology area in the University of Murcia. On the 12th, two General Assemblies were held along with the elections to the CEDU’s presidency and executive committee. The CEDU’s elected president was the ombudswoman of the University of Valladolid, Milagros Alario Trigueros, and the elected member of the Executive Committee was Adela Serra Rodríguez, ombuds officer of our Universitat.