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Fees 2019

Filamentous fungi and yeasts

Filamentous fungi strain identification by molecular and phenotypical methods 269,2 €
Yeast strain identification by molecular methods 250 €
Sequencing of a genomic region (TS, beta-tubulin, TEF1, ACT1, etc.) 125,1 €
Whole genome sequencing (WGS) Ask for fees
Phylogenetic analysis from a genomic region 638,1 €

Prokaryotes (Bacteria and Archaea)

Identification following partial sequencing (aprox 1000 bp) of 16S rRNA gene 187,6 €
Identification after almost complete (> 1400 bp) sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene 260,6 €
Genomic region sequencing (recA, gyrB, ftsZ, pyrH, rpoD, mreB, etc.) 125,1 €
Phylogenetic analysis from a genomic region 638,1 €
Morphological study (celular morphologyl, Gram KOH, catalase, oxidase) 52,1 €
Whole genome sequencing (includes previous checking by 16S rRNA sequencing) 609,6 €
Sequencing and analysis 812,8 €
Sequence analysis 304,8 €

NOVELTY: Identification of bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts by MALDI-TOF MS proteic profiles

Identification of strains by MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper 35 €
Proteic profiles comparison (minimum 10) 250 €
          each aditional profile 20 €
Other analysis services by MALDI-TOF MS Ask for fees

Extra charges may be applied to strains with specific requirements.

Payment method: The payments must be carried out by bank transfer to the Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT) at most within 30 days after receiving the invoice.

21% VAT must be included for orders billed in Spain, except for Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Orders from some countries will be charged with a fee to cover banking and administrative costs (please check).



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