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Attention and information to users

  • C1 To adequately address all the information demands made by users. [S1 ]

Management of spaces

  • C2 To move within 24 hours the incident statements related to computer and audiovisual resources located in classrooms (computer, video projector and PA system...). [S2 ]
  • C3 To answer within 24 hours on the availability or not of the non-regulated teaching space requested through the web form correctly filled out 48 hours in advance.
  • C4 To answer within 48 hours on the availability or not of the space accountant from the date that all the correct data is available.

Institutional support

  • C5 To activate 100% of parking card requests within 24 hours, provided the correct data are available. [S5]

Concierge’s offices

  • C6 To open/close, distribute mail and disseminate information of interest in the term or schedule established in each case. [S 6]

Technological support

  • C7 To make, at least, one annual review in order to ensure the proper functioning of the audiovisual equipment. [S7]