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The Language Policy Service is a general service of the University of Valencia. It is organised as follows:

  • Department of Linguistic consultancy
  • Department of Linguistic Promotion
  • Department of Studies and Certification
  • Department of Linguistic Resources
  • Unit of Economic and Administrative Management


Its goal is to achieve the standardised use of language, namely, the development of all the sociolinguistic functions as a modern culture language (Article 6.3 of the University of Valencia Statutes) and to promote the plurilingualism of the university community.


It aims to ensure that the academic, administrative, institutional and interpersonal activities of the University are developed normally in Catalan, as the language proper to the University of Valencia. It also intends to contribute to the internationalisation of the University of Valencia by promoting the learning and use of other languages, particularly English, as the language of international communication. It provides linguistic and terminological education and guidance to the university community, and especially to the PDI (teaching and research staff) and PAS (administrative and research staff), to achieve the maximum communicative linguistic competence and the users’ autonomy, both in Catalan and in other languages. Finally, it intends to encourage sociolinguistic attitudes to promote the Catalan language, and to promote its effective and standard use in all areas of university life.

Services offered

  • Courses

In-class, blended or online Catalan courses aimed at the university community.
Specific Catalan courses for newcomers.
Specific Catalan courses for PDI (teaching and research staff) and PAS (administrative and research staff): tutoring, oral tutoring, intensive summer courses, customer service, etc.

  • Independent learning

Education in Catalan, English, French and German  through the  Independent Language Learning Centres (CAL). Personal guidance, conversation groups (PDI, PAS and Students), use of the language media library (newspapers, magazines, films, music, books, etc.) and preparation and simulation of level tests.

  • Examinations and certificates

Call for the official examination sessions for obtaining the Certificate in Catalan of the Valencian Universities (CIEACOVA).
Call for the preliminary examinations in Catalan and in the process of competitive examinations or public contests carried out by the Human Resources Services for PAS and PDI.
Promotion of language certification tests among the university community.

  • Scientific language 

Linguistic advice in Catalan and English, resolution of queries about scientific language.
Correction and translation into Catalan of texts produced by the PDI at the University of Valencia.
Correction and translation into English of texts produced by the PDI at the University of Valencia.

  • Administrative language

Linguistic guidance in Catalan, resolution of general queries and queries related to administrative language.
Correction of administrative, institutional, cultural and management texts produced and published in Catalan by the University of Valencia’s bodies, centres, departments and services.
Translation into Catalan of administrative, institutional, cultural and management texts  written and published by the University of Valencia’s bodies, centres, departments and services.

  • Promotion of the use of Catalan and of plurilingualism

Promotion of teaching in Catalan among teaching and research staff and students. In particular, promotion of the production and dissemination of Catalan teaching materials.
Promotion of research in Catalan  and, in particular, of the production and defence of doctoral theses in Catalan, and in research articles and scientific dissemination.
Dissemination and promotion of IT, audiovisual and other resources, created publicly or privately, that are useful for achieving linguistic autonomy of users and the widespread use of the language.
Promotion of the use of Catalan among the PAS, both in administrative documentation and in customer service.
Raising awareness among the university community about the proper use of the language to contribute to the standardisation of Catalan and the promotion of plurilingualism.
Dissemination and advice on linguistic rights.
Organisation of to promote Catalan and plurilingualism in different fields (cinema, theatre, music, publications, etc.) among the university community.

Support to activities that promote Catalan at the University of Valencia, carried out by the University’s bodies or by other entities and groups.
Coordination of initiatives to promote Catalan and plurilingualism with other public Valencian universities and institutions, and with institutions from the Catalan linguistic community.
Constant education, promotion and renewal of the university Linguistic Volunteers.

Commitments to quality

Keeping the Language Policy Service’s information channels updated: website, mailing lists, social networking tolos, physical presence in the Independent Language Learning Centres, over-the-phone and in-person customer service, etc.
Measure, evaluate diachronically and publish the participation in the promotion activities organised, as well as the information and language and terminology guidance services provided (recipients, levels, types of service, volume, etc.)
Publish the report of that year, along with the action plan for the following year.
Measures to protect the environment: prioritise electronic information channels (web, email, etc.), reduce paper consumption and, when the use of paper is necessary, use of recycled or organic paper.

The Language Policy Service can help you:

In person, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00
Location and contact details

Through the Language Policy Service’s website, 24 hours a day. Follow the instructions for each specific service published in the relevant section of the website.

You can send your suggestions to suggestions, complaints and/or compliments form


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