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“Una Nau de Solidaritat” is the programme in which the actions of Cooperation for the Development of the University of Valencia are framed and it is coordinated within the 0'7 Commission, formed by the representatives of the three university units – Estudiants, PAS (Administrative and Service Staff) and PDI (Teaching and Research Staff) -, which establishes the general lines of action of the University of Valencia dealing with cooperation and distribution of the 0'7 budget.

Students can make their supportive contribution to this programme at the same time they enrol. These contributions are part of the budget directed to create spaces of participation of the students linked to international cooperation for the development managed by the Student Council Branch by means of the SeDI (SeDi Information and Promotion Service), such as: travel grants Call for Cooperation activities with the aim of giving support all the motivated students interested in taking part in cooperation activities with the collaboration of NGOs for the Development.

To receive more detailed information, you have access to the University of Valencia’s cooperation memories where the cooperation projects carried out by the students can be consulted, as well as PDI and PAS (to access university cooperation memory)