Professor Aniceto Masferrer, re-elected president of the European Society for Comparative Legal History

Aniceto Masferrer.

Aniceto Masferrer, tenured professor of History of Law of the UV, has been re-elected president of the European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH, Societat Europea de Dret Històric Comparat), the only scientific society of Law historians at a European level. Aniceto Masferrer was elected the president in the first Society Committee, held at the UV in 2010, and he has been re-elected in June, for the next four years (2014-2018).

Founded on 5 December 2009, from this society, which already has around 200 members, from several countries- more than 40, both European and American, Asian, African and Oceanic-, several initiatives are redirected, both within the research field, and within historic and legal teaching (conferences and international seminars, teaching and research projects, etc. ) For more information: .

Some months ago, Ancieto Masferrer was granted with the “Richard and Diane Cummins Legal History Research Grant for 2014”, a prestigious grant, awarded yearly by the George Washington University to finance a research project in the field of history and law. (

As a beneficiary of this grant for 2014, professor Aniceto Masferrer will work for two months as a Visiting Scholar in the Faculty School of the GeorgeWashington University, using its library collections (Jacob Burns Law Library).

Aniceto Masferrer is credited as a Full University Professor, since October 2012, in the UV. As a researcher, he was professionally trained in Germany, the UK, the USA and Australia. He published eleven scientific biographies- six of them written and five of them edited- and 60 chapters of books/articles, some of them edited in English journals, as Arizona State Law Journal, American Journal of Legal History, Journal of Comparative Law and Journal of Civil Law Studies.

He participated in several international research projects, among them the one led by teachers John Bell and David Ibbetson (University of Cambridge), whose results were published in several volumes under the title of “Comparative Studies in the Development of the Law of Torts in Europe” (in Cambridge University Press,2010-2012). He lead a research project on “Seguridad y Derechos humanos en la lucha contra el terrorismo desde una perspectiva histórica y comparada” (Security and Human Rights into the fight against terrorism from a historic and compared perspective), in which more than thirty researchers from several universities participated (Spanish, European, Northern-American, Canadian and Australian universities),and whose results were published in three collective works, coordinated by himself (and edited by Aranzadi-Thomson Reuters 2011; Springer 2012; and Edward Elgar Publishing 2013). Currently, he managers a research project which, financed by Economics and Competitiveness Ministry, entitled “La influencia de la Codificación francesa en la tradición penal española: su concreto alcance en la Parte General de los Códigos decimonónicos’” (The influence of French Codification in traditional Spanish crime law: in its concrete supply in the General Part of Eighteenth Century Codes)- ( DER2012-38469). He also coordinates a collective monograph on Historic Comparative Law, entitled “Comparative Legal History” and published by Edward Elgar Publishing 2015, in which several specialists in several European and Anglosaxon countries participated.

In the field of education he is author of four books, among them his book on the first guide of the Spanish History Law translated into English (“Spanish Legal Traditions. A Comparative Legal History Outline”, Madrid 2009; 2012; 2nd edition) stands out. Nowadays, he is coordinating the publication of a guide (Casebook) on compared legal traditions (“Western Legal Traditions”, published by Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2015 ). In 2010 he was recognized with the award of "Teaching Excelence (given by the Valencian Government and by the UV board of trustees).That year, he was a visiting lecturer of the Faculty of Law in Tasmania University (Australia) and he taught courses, gave conferences and seminars for teachers in French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Maltese, Norwegian, English, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealander universities.

Nowadays, he is the president of the European Society for Comparative Legal History (from 2010), president of the Social and Interdisciplinary Studies Group (GESI- Grup d’Estudis Socials i Interdisciplinaris), vice-president of the “Fundación Universitas” (Universitas Foundation), director of the Instituto de Estudios Socials, Polítics I Jurídics (Institute of Social and Political and Legal Studies ), editor of the journal “GLOSSAE. European Journal of Legal History”, member of Drafting Committee for several collections and national and international journals and also a member of the Valencian Committee for European Affairs . He is an Associate member from the “Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación” (Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation) and a member of the “Instituto de Historia de la Intolerancia” ( History Institute for Intolerance), assigned to this academy.

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