The UV names Paul Sugarbaker doctor honoris causa and Jordi Pérez Durá is awarded a medal

Jordi Pérez Durá.

The oncologist Paul Sugarbaker is named doctor honoris causa by the UV this Friday in a ceremony which will begin at 12:00 in the Paraninfo of the historic building La Nau. In the same ceremony, the philologist Jordi Pérez Durá will be awarded the medal of the institution. Sugarbaker’s laudation will be read by Bruno Campos, professor of surgery of the University. Follow the streaming in MediaUni

Paul Sugarbaker is a prominent surgeon from the U.S.A, who currently works at the National Cancer lnstitute of Washington as the director of the peritoneal carcinomatosis Therapy Programmme. He began a novel therapy of this pathology in 1983, based on the Cytoreductive Surgery of maximum effort combined with the application of a pre-operatory peritoneal chemotherapy with hyperthermia.

This procedure, named after him (CRS+HIPEC, Sugarbaker’s Technique), has proven his efficacy in this pathology, which had been considered so far inoperable. The good outcomes have given place to its acceptance by the international scientific community, with a world-wide diffusion and acceptance. In the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia (University Clinical Hospital of Valencia), this technique was initiated with wonderful outcomes. He was given the Medal of the UV last October.

Jordi Pérez Durá (1942) is currently an emeritus professor of the UV. His professional life has been completely devoted to teaching and research in the UV, he become intern pre-tenured professor of this university in 1964.

Durà opened his line of research of Neo-Latin Studies of the Valencian Country in the Classical Language Studies Department, showing his students that Latin, language, literature and culture did not disappear with the end of the ancient world, but it presented a splendid continuation throughout history and it constituted one of the pillars of the world we live in.

He has published and supervised doctoral thesis on Valencian Humanism and Illustration, with texts addressed to personalities such as Pere Joan Olivar, Joan Andreu Strany, Vicent Marinero, Pere Joan Nunyes, Andreu Sempere, Jaume Joan Falcó or Mateu Aimeric. He has worked primary in Joan Lluís Vives’ work.

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