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La Nau Gran is the University Programme for elderly UV students. It relies on the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport and it is managed by the University Extension Service.

With this programme, the Universitat de València opens its doors to people aged over 55 who are willing to learn and keep growing. La Nau Gran’s programme allows elderly people to access the Universitat de València as students (without the issuance of an official degree) and share classrooms and subjects with the rest of enrolled students.

That’s how students of La Nau Gran become part of a proper university environment and are actively involved in knowledge, culture, research and debate.

La Nau Gran is structured in three main blocks:

  • Nau Gran Academic Pathways: Eleven different academic pathways of three academic years each formed by the official degrees’ basic modules which are offered by the Universitat de València.
  • Nau Gran - General Study: It is a multidisciplinary course with vocation of permanence. It offers first-time enrolled students the opportunity of knowing all the different fields of study, allowing them to choose the one they are more interested in. It allows students who have successfully completed an academic pathway to keep taking part in La Nau Gran programme. It is a flexible course allowing students to set their own curriculum.
  • Higher Education: Specialised studies aimed at deepening the student’s knowledge in some areas. A two-year Higher Education Course in Classical Antiquity Culture and Thought is currently being offered.
  • Nau Gran en Obert: Monographic courses and cultural activities are being organised for people aged over 55. These courses complement La Nau Gran pathway students’ records with free-of-choice credits.