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La Nau Gran is a University Programme for elderly people of the Universitat de València. It depends on the Vice-rectorate of Education Politics and Quality Education (Vicerectorat de Polítiques de Formació i Qualitat Educativa) and it is managed by the Extension University Service (Servei d’Extensió Universitària).

With this programme, the Universitat de València opens its doors to people aged over 55 willing to learn and keep growing. La Nau Gran programme allows elderly people to access as students to the Universitat de València, although without the expedition of formal qualifications, and to share the classrooms and subjects with the rest of students which read these degrees.

This way, La Nau Gran’s students belong to the real university environment, actively participating from the knowledge, culture, research and debate.

The structure of La Nau Gran consists of three blocks:

  • Nau Gran Pathways. Eleven different learning pathways of three courses each formed by basic modules of the different official degrees offered by the University de València.
  • Nau Gran - General Study. It is a multidisciplinary course with permanence’s vocation. It offers the opportunity to first-time enrolled students of knowing the different fields of study to decide which one they are more interested in. It allows the students – which have successfully finished a pathway – to continue linked to La Nau Gran. It is a flexible course, which allows the students to configure their own curriculum.
  • Nau Gran en Obert. The Servei d’Extensió organises cultural activities open to people aged over 55. These La Nau Gran pathways’ students can also complete their academic records with free-choice credits.