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Science x Education x Technology
Ciencia x Educacio x Tecnologia
C x E x T analyses pedagogical innovation in the teaching of science and technology in the 20th century through three connected focuses: A study of physics pedagogical packages during the Cold War, a big picture of contemporary educational technologies for the teaching of science, and an exploration of the disciplinary and professional making of educational psychology. This project has an international outlook that addresses research questions in different national contexts, compares them, and studies the importance of international relations and international and transnational agents in the Americas (Latin America and the United States) and Europe (Spain, France, United Kingdom).

Acronym: C x E x T

Reference code: RYC-2017-21763

Keywords: science education, educational technology, psychology, ICT, media, international, transnational, Europe, Latin America, US, textbooks, instrument makers

Start date: February / 2019.

End date: February / 2024.

Project type: AGE - Challenge