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EUROLogin-19 Action: New cross-borded authentication in European cloud platforms according to the eIDAS Regulation

  • May 13rd, 2019
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The goal of the Project EUROLogin19 is to build a digital ecosystem based on the eIDAS regulation for integrating existing service providers of digital autentication in a single platform.

Five entities of Trust Service Providers (TSP) participating in the Consortium will connect their platforms to the national eIDAS node, facilitating the authentication of users from any member State and, thus, enhacing electronic services provided to citizens

The integration of eID DSI into the cloud platforms will incorporate a secure method to authenticate users from any Member State in each transaction, then guaranteeing the sending of data by the identified sender, the receipt/Access by the identified addressee and the accuracy of the date and time of sending or Access indicated.

These cloud platforms comprise several public and private electronic services, mainly related to eDelivery, eArchiving and eAdministration solutions.

EUROLogin19 contributes, therefore, to promote the uptake and the use of digital authentication. In this way, citizens and private institutitos will easily Access to public and private cross-border services of the European Union.

EUROLogin-19 Consortium

EUROLogin19 is integrated by four Trust Service Providers (TSP) from Sweden, Germany, France and Spain. Its expertise and capability guarantee a long term sustainability of the Project.

Cloud platforms of the Consortium entities are used daily by a large number of entities from both public and private sector. The integration of the eIdentification in these platforms will promote the uptake and the use of the eID DSI amongs entities and citizens around Europe, supporting a high volume of cross-border transactions.

Universitat de València-Estudi General. IRTIC. Spain

Leading Management Technology SL


Webware internet solutions GmbH. Germany.


Qvalia Group AB. Sweden.

Assitive Partner Limited. United Kingdom.