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The overall aim of this study is to adjust and adapt the assessment of drivers to the characteristics of the current population. The specific aims, in accordance with the preventive function of Driver Recognition Centres, including normalization (modernization/renovation) of the equipment scales used to assess the perceptual-motor ability of drivers, according to the psychological, social, technological, contextual, etc. changes that have occurred since the last standardization of the equipment (Resolution 14/VI/1987 DGT).

Some of the key issues that justify the need to standardize the scales currently used to assess the drivers’ psychomotor skills are, on the one hand, the changes that have taken place in the psychological aspects assessed in the Spanish preventive model (psychomotor skills, intellectual skills, cognitive styles, personality and driving-related attitudes) over the last years as a result of the scientific, economic and social developments, among others.

On the other hand, the increase in the socio-cultural level of the subjects, resulting from an increased availability and access to culture, the growth of scientific knowledge about psychological processes and more specifically about the perceptual process, which, associated with other basic psychological processes leads to the emission of a motor response, as well as the dramatic growth in the number of drivers in our roads and of the range of cars and, in consequence, of the number of accidents, are key aspects that reinforce the need to standardize the aforementioned scales.

Likewise, the constant need to maintain a divided and sustained awareness status before a series of multiple and continuous stimuli that are part of our road environment; the major changes in basic philosophy (specifically, we have moved from a positive philosophy to a negative one); the technological advances (vehicles and roads); and, especially, the search for greater efficiency and perfection in services responsible for the assessment of drivers will undoubtedly result in increasing road safety for Spanish drivers, are the justifications for conducting this study.

Start date: January / 2012.

End date: December / 2012.

Funding agencies: Traffic Department Administration (DGT). Ministry of the Interior.

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