‘Al ras’ will be in ‘La Nau’ of the Universitat de València on the occasion of the 20th anniversary as a cultural centre


‘Al ras’, an events show of the radio of ‘À Punt’ hosted by Jèssica Crespo and Joan Espinosa, will be on Wednesday, the 10th of April, from 10a.m. to 1p.m. live in the building of ‘La Nau’ of the Universitat de València, which this year celebrates its 20 anniversary as a cultural centre.

From there, they will talk about culture both with responsible of the Universitat and with students. They will interview the Vice-Principal for Culture, Antonio Ariño and the Vice-Principal for Equality, Elena Martínez. Also, some information about the 520 years of history of the Universitat de València will be given by the curator of cultural heritage of the institution, Adrià Besó and Marc Baldó, author of the book about the 20 years of the cultural centre ‘La Nau’ and the 520 years of the Universitat. They will also talk about exhibitions with the exhibitions chief of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sports, Noberto Piqueras.  

Along the three hours that the programme lasts, the show will speak with talented students and with noted professors. Among the invited students is the student Gonzalo Abellá, who just received the Award to Young Researchers of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry; Mónica Giménez, awarded with the ‘Premio Talento Joven en Ciencia’; and the professor Laura Ballester, who has been awarded the ‘Premio a la Excelencia Docente’ granted in the 23th edition of the ‘Premios Consell Social.’

In Al ras some other issues will be dealt with, such as cooking. It will be dealt with the bibliographical treasures of ‘La Nau’, where we can find the book ‘Sent Soví’ the first recipe book which was not written in Latin and which contains 72 dishes of the century. Victoria García, director of the Libraries Service of the Universitat and Paco Gimeno, expert in these valuable works, will speak about these books.

The perspective of genre will also have its time in the show. They will talk about the Spanish Constitution from the genre perspective with Ana Marrades, professor in Constitutional Law of the Universitat, about the programme of re-education of abusers ‘Contexto’ with its director, Marisol Lila and with the deputy director, Elena Terreros and about the festival ‘Dansa Valencia’, which is included in the programming of the ‘Aula Arts Escèniques’, with the coordinator of the festival, Mar Jiménez, and with the director of the room, Laura Monrós.

The soundtrack will be performed by the ‘Aula de Música’ of the Universitat, specifically the trio of oboes of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Univeristat de València, directed by Beatriz Fernández.

All the broadcasts of Al ras and of the rest of radio programmes of ‘À Punt Media’ can be found in this  link and in smartphone and smart TV applications.

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