A team from the Faculty of Law, awarded in the International Competition on Commercial Arbitration (Moot-2020)

  • Press Office
  • May 15th, 2020
Participants from the Universitat de València in the Moot 2020.
Participants from the Universitat de València in the Moot 2020.

A team from the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia has obtained several honourable mentions in the International Competition on Commercial Arbitration (Moot Madrid 2020), organized by the University Carlos III of Madrid and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). The initiative aims to stimulate the training of law students in matters relating to the Uniform Law of International Trade and its resolution through International Commercial Arbitration.

The team of speakers from the Universitat de València was made up of Claudia Anghel, Joan Cervantes i Gómez, Mateo Sánchez Bolívar and Benjamín Velasco Onrubia. Students of the double degrees in Business Administration and Management + Law and Law + Political Sciences and Administration. The prizes obtained were: honourable mention in the category of best application essay and second prize in the category of best reply essay, as well as the honourable mention for the best speaker for Benjamín Velasco. The team of students has been coordinated by a group of professors from the Faculty of Law and by a lawyer.

The Moot seeks to promote, through the training of future lawyers, the knowledge and use of the legal texts of Uniform Law, both the 1980 Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods, and other texts of International Commercial Law, which regulate the international transport of goods, international insolvency, electronic commerce, international contracting, commercial guarantees, investments, etc. At the same time, and due to the very structure and operation of the insolvency proceedings, the aim is to promote the use of international commercial arbitration as a usual means of resolving disputes in international commercial contracting, and to encourage the use of Spanish in international transactions.

According to the organisers, an increasingly globalised environment requires increasingly globalised rules, and lawyers prepared to deal with such internationalisation. Training professionals with an international profile requires attention to these teachings through a combination of theoretical and practical content. Interaction that favours between students and teachers, university and private sector, the international profile and the free transfer of knowledge that allows (as opposed to the so usual geographical division of legal training and law professionals) to make Moot an integral project in the training of future law professionals.

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