A thousand of congress members bring new insights into Latin American from the 21st century

  • September 4th, 2017
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The Faculty of Geography and History will host a congress on new looks at Latin America in the 21st century that will take place from 5th to 9th September. The meeting will gather one thousand congress members from 27 different that are experts in History of Europe and America. 60 symposiums, master conferences and book presentations will be celebrated. The congress will be inaugurated on Tuesday at 19:00 in the Monasterio de San Miguel de los Reyes and the sessions will take place at the UV.

The objective of the congress is to discuss a wide range of topis and aspects related to History of Latin America, past and present, its relationships with Europe and the near future challenges: feminism, indigenism, political and ideological questions, the social issue, the financial problems, among others. Methodological and theoretical reflections and case studies that illustrate these ‘new insights’ that can make the horizon of the analysis wider from History.

The 28th International Congress of AHILA (Association of European Latin Americanist Historians) is entitled ‘En los márgenes de la Historia Tradicional. Nuevas miradas de América Latina desde el siglo XXI’ (The traditional history. New insights into Latin America from the 21st century). It is organised by the Group of research on nineteenth century of the Department of Early Modern History in collaboration with different bodies of the UV and the Valencian Government.

The closing ceremony will take place on Friday 8th at 19:00 at the Paranymph of the UV. Apart from attending the sessions, the groups of experts in History will be able to visit the city and its surroundings and they will be able to learn about its past and present history.

More information about the programme and the registrations here.