The affective-sexual coeducation in the adolescence and genre relationships in secondary school

  • January 24th, 2017
Faculty of Social Sciences

The Sociology and Social Anthropology Department of the Universitat de València programmed for this Thursday 26 January the II Meeting of secondary education which will take place at the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Social Sciences Universitat de València from 9:30 to 18:00. Although it is open for the public in general, it is addressed to the secondary teachers.

This is a training and debate day which is focussed on the genre relationships prevalent in schools and the possibilities of intervention in order to achieve a higher equality. That is why the main conference of the Meeting is imparted by Mar Venegas, professor of the University of Granada, who will sharpen the affective-sexual coeducation in the adolescence. In fact, the interest in this topic was one of the conclusions of the I Meeting which was starred the past course by the sociologist Marina Subirats, where it was underline the demand of newly figure of equality coordinator.

The day is organised in a first conference and two panels “We Talk about Equality”, with the presentations of Amparo Mañés (Equality Unit of the Universitat de València), Alicia Villars (Educational Equality Unit Observatory in Manises), the work of Ana López Navajas about the absence of women in textbooks and the line of work “Inclusion for Equality” of Cefire carried out by the chairwoman Maria Isabel Villaescusa. Then, by afternoon, it will be shared the experiences of Irene Llàcer about museum visits from a genre perspective and Paqui Méndez, director of short films for equality which are an essential tool to work equality in secondary. The panel will also count with the lawyer Anna Oliver, author of the book “Parlem Damor? Tu Tries” and who will focus on the lack of youth’s implication regarding the genre violence. Finally, Amparo Zacarés, coordinator of Equality of the Illes Balears institute with the project “Imagin-Arte” and the writer Agustín Zaragozá, who will approach how to work the genre perspective in the classroom will participate in the panel.

The Sociology and Social Anthropology Department of the Universitat de València as well as the “Asociación Valenciana de Sociología (AVS)”, entity collaborating in this II Meeting, intent to make visible the results of the researches and to be more envolved in the Valencian society.