Archery in the CEU: Javier Cerezo, Spanish champion in Composite Bow

Selecció de tir amb arc de la Universitat.
Selecció de tir amb arc de la Universitat.

The Archery team of the Universitat de València concludes its participation in the Spanish university championship as the third in Spain and aggregates the gold medal of Javier Cerezo in the modality of composite bow. The competition took place in the installations of the campus of Tarongers in the Universitat de València, the organising institution of the championship with the modalities of recurve bow and composite bow, and the team's competition as well.

With a total of 16 participant universities, the University of Huelva is the Spanish champion in the competition by teams followed by the UPV and the Universitat de València, with Vicente Palomar in charge of the team. ‘I am very happy with the results because I have some learners that have been in the team for a single year and they have worked very hard to be here’ remarked Palomar.

Gold medal for Javier Cerezo in Composite Bow

In the modality of male Composite Bow, the archer Javier Cerezo, with a total of 703 points, the maximum score of the entire championship, followed by Gonzalo Linares (UPM) and Álvaro Nieto (UCM). ‘I felt like I was doing really well, I am very happy... I did my best and I think that it was an outstanding championship’ said Cerezo.

The UH wins the gold medal in Recursive Bow

In rmale recursive bow the gold medal was for Daniel Riveros (UH), the silver medal for Arnau Peña (UAB) and the bronze medal for Pedro Pina (UNED).

Women:  Golden medal for the UCM in recurve bow and golden medal for the UCLM in composite bow

Regarding the women’s classification in the modality of recurve bow, Adriana Martí (UCM) obtained the fist position, Maria Pitarch obtained the second position (URV) and Irati Zurbano, the third position (UNED).  In the modality of composite bow Lucia Alejo (UCLM) was the winner, Nuria Enríquez (UAM) enjoyed the second position and the bronze was for Cristina Font (UPV). 

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony counted with personalities such as Antonio Ariño, vice-principal for Culture and Sport of the Universitat de València; Hermenegildo Pujades, head of the University Sport Service of the Valencian Government; and José Francisco Picó, chairman of the Federation of Archery of the Valencian Community.  At his speech, Antonio Ariño congratulated every participant, in particular, the winners of the championship. Moreover, he highlighted the role of the sport in different backgrounds: ‘In general, I think university sport gives richness to everyone who practices it, gives richness to the university, society and individuals.’
The championship has been directly broadcasted in the youtube channel of the Physical Education and Sports Service of the UV and the final score can be consulted in CEU’s official web:


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