Award for the research about the inclusion of the four Spanish languages as official languages of the Constitution by Vicenta Tasa

  • May 2nd, 2017
Vicenta Tasa

The professor of Constitutional Law of the Universitat de València Vicenta Tasa Fuster has been awarded with the Manuel Duran i Bas Prize. The Institute of Catalan Studies has given her this prize for her doctoral thesis ‘Drets lingüístics i ordenament constitucional: seguretat lingüística vs. Jerarquia lingüística’. A comparative study between Sweden and Spain. Tasa received the prize on 21 April at the HQ of the Institute of Catalan Studies in Barcelona during the awards ceremony Sant Jordi Prizes 2017.

Manuel Duran i Bas Prize is called every three years by the Section of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Institute of Catalan Studies, in the Law category. This institution created this prize in order to reward “a work of positive law, doctrinal research or history about legal or sociological issues”.

The doctoral thesis of Vicenta Tasa suggests modifying the Constitution to make official languages of the State and their institutions the most spoken ones in Spain (Spanish, Catalan/Valencian, Galician and Basque). The proposal is based on the modification of the Article 3 of the Constitution, and it also suggests stablishing at an autonomic level the official nature and recognition of other Spanish languages. The resulting model, similar to the Swedish one, would recognise the totality of the Spanish linguistic diversity and provide to the speakers of all languages a major linguistic safety.

News about the doctoral thesis of Vicenta Tasa at:

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