The book on electrochemistry of porous materials by Professor Antonio Doménech has been published in Chinese

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  • March 17th, 2019
Detall de la coberta del llibre en xinés.
Detall de la coberta del llibre en xinés.

The monograph on electrochemistry of porous materials by the professor at the Universitat de València Antonio Doménech-Carbó has just been published in Chinese. It is a translation of the book published by Taylor & Francis in 2010 English edition, entitled 'Electrochemistry of Porous Materials'.

The work is a monography about electrochemistry of porous materials, including theoretical and different foundations. The book presents the peculiarities of silicates and zeolites, metal-organic-frameworks, carbons and porous polymers, among others, and focuses in particular on electrocatalytic phenomena and electroanalytic applications and energy production and storage.

The work also addresses aspects of photo-electrochemistry and magneto-electrochemistry of these materials.  Finally, it should be highlighted the interest of this electrochemistry in the study of the Mayan blue, of notable historical value.

Antonio Doménech-Carbó is a professor of Analytical chemistry in the Universitat de València. His speciality is the application of electrochemical techniques for the analysis of solid materials, especially in the field of archaeological objects and findings. The development of methods to determine the age of lead remains is one of the most outstanding aspects of his research. Also, research on the nature and preparation techniques of ancient Mayan blue (a pigment characteristic of the Mayas that was discovered in 1931 and that has created many controversies because of its composition and colour). Professor Domenech-Carbó has published more than 200 articles in specialized journals and is the author or co-author of nine books and book chapters.

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