Carmen Agulló, awarded by the Escola Valenciana for her ‘Individual career as researcher’

  • November 7th, 2016
Carmen Agulló

Carmen Agulló, professor of Theory and History of Education of the Department of Comparative Education and Education History of the UV, has been awarded by the Escola Valenciana for her ‘Individual career as researcher’. The civic entity gave the awards on Saturday at the Echegaray Theatre of Ontinyent during the traditional evening event ‘Nit a Cau d’Orella.’

Carmen Agulló teaches in the faculties of Pedagogy and Teacher Training. Her research lines have focused on the last years of women education in history, the education in the Spanish Second Republic, the history of school, the history of Valencian education and the processes of Franco’s clean-up in teachers.

She is vice-principal of the Societat d’Història de l’Educació dels Països de Llengua Catalana (Society of the History of Education in the Catalan Countries), coordinator of the Seminar-Museum of the History of School of the UV and member of different scientific societies in the field of the history of Education.