Civil War from fantasy film and sexuality in people with functional diversity

  • January 10th, 2017
Civil War Frame

Two new film series continue the programme of the Cinema Club of the Universitat de València. The programming of January of Rector Peset Hall of Residence, realising every Tuesday, will be dedicated to Civil War, while at Palau de Cerveró (on Thursdays) starts the course with a cycle about sexuality and functional diverstity. As usual in the programming of the Cinema Club, all projections will be in original version with subtitles, presentation, colloquium and free entry.

Once upon a time a Civil War

Eight decades after, the Spanish Civil War is still an abandoned territory to historiographic controversy and debate about memory. The Cinema Club has programmed another point of view of the war approached from a symbolic character provided through fantasy film and its unique representation codes.

The programme opens today Tuesday 10 January with the film “The Devil's Backbone” (Guillermo del Toro, 2001), in which a orphanage for war’s children is the place where ghosts live. The next session, on Tuesday 17 January, it will be projected “Painless” (Juan Carlos Medina, 2012), another film where children are the protagonists, the story is a mixture of present and the dark past of the War. Te session of 24 January, “The Forest” (El Bosc, 2012), where Óscar Aibar mingle the rural and the supernatural environment. Something similar occurs during the session of the cycle, on Tuesday 31 January, with “Pan’s Labyrinth” (Guillermo del Toro, 2006), one of the greatest Spanish films of the last decade in which the defeat of maquis’ fight provides the context for the initiatory travel of a girl who will discover both horrors and wonders. This session will take place at Lluís Vives School and will be presented by students of high school and will be followed by a guided visit to the refuge of the Civil War.

Cycle about sexuality and functional diversity

In a society in which sexuality is still a taboo topic, it is even more when it comes to functional diversity.  The cycle dedicated by Cinema Club at Palau de Cerveró approach this subject.

The programming stars on Thursday 12 January with “Yes, We Fuck” (Antonio Centeno, Raúl de la Morena, 2015), an excellent documental approaching sexuality in people with functional diversity through six real stories. On Thursday 19 January, it will be projected “Rust and Bone” (De rouille et d’os, Jaques Audiard, 2012), a French film showing the life of a refugee who take care of his son, whom he barely knows, and his life changes when he meets Stéfanie, a killer whales tamer who has recently had an accident.

On Thursday 26 January will be the turn of “In a glass cage” (Agustí Vilaronga, 1986), a hard film settled in the house of a dark doctor who took quite amount of lives in the Nazi concentration camps and who will suffer the revenge of the victims. The cycle ends on Thursday 2 February with “Come as you are” (Geoffrey Enthoven, 2011), a comedy in which three guys in their twenties with different disabilities propose to enjoy sex.


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