Escena Erasmus gets a feel for the European social reality in its new performance

  • May 16th, 2017
Grup Escena Erasmus

The actresses and actors of the Universitat de València stage the populism, the extremism, the situation of the citizen’s confusion which takes place in Europe and the increase of the jihadism in the show ‘La fira invisible’ that they perform today, 16 May, for the first time at the Matilde Salvador Room of the Cultural Centre La Nau of the UV. For the fifth consecutive year, the European theatre project Escena Erasmus of the Universitat de València, European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2011 of the European Parliament, has set up ‘Les Europes Menudes’, a programme produced between the Universitat de València and the Culture Section of the Valencian Council.

The new performance of the Escena Erasmus goes over the political, social and cultural situation that affects Europe. It will be performed at La Nau from 16 to 19 May at 19:30. ‘La fira invisible’ is the second part of a trilogy of performances about migrations that Escena Erasmus started last year with ‘El circ de la frontera’, and that will continue next year.

All the details about the project and this year tour have been presented in a press conference that took place at La Nau and had the participation of the Vice-Principals Guillermo Palao (International Relations) and Jorge Hermosilla (Territorial Projection); the cultural management director of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Equality, Ana Bonmatí; the vice president of the Provincial Council, Maria Josep Amigó and the director of the show and co-director of Escena Erasmus, Anna Marí.

“Escena Erasmus has been able of joining both intern forces, with the support of three offices of the vice-principal of the UV, and extern ones, the Valencian Provincial Council and the city councils. In its tour, it is represented almost all the regions of the provinces of Valencia”, Jorge Hermosilla has said. He has also affirmed together with his peer, Guillermo Palao, that Escena Erasmus lives “a sweet and a consolidation moment”. “It is a symbolic and a strategic project and that is why we will continue supporting it from the UV which is the second/third European university in hosting Erasmus students and the third/fourth of Europe in sending students”. He has added that “if we take into account the Erasmus students that the Universidad Politécnica hosts, the sixth one in the ranking, Valencia is the main European city when it comes to host Erasmus students”.

Amigó, from the Culture Area of the Valencian Provincial Council, has said that “it is an honour to collaborate with this project where the young people, the future of Europe, is involved” and she has reaffirmed the commitment of the institution of supporting this initiative in the next editions.

‘Explosion of creativity’ of the Erasmus students

According to what Anna Marí has said, in the last scene of the last year’s show we saw how a family that was forced to escape from its country achieved its goal of arriving to Europe after a suffering period at the other side of the border. Now we can see the same family in Europe and we will see how they have been attracted by a very special festival. A fair is a dirty and a bright place, sinister and magical, a nomadic space which takes place in all the cities of Occident. “The public will see an explosion of creativity thanks to the Erasmus students” has said Marí.

‘Les Europes Menudes’ is a cultural programme that expects to establish bridges of dialog between the local Valencian realities and twelve European cities represented by the actors. Apart from the theatre, at the different municipalities there are activities organised in order to strengthen the intercultural encounter and the reflection of the way of being European with different events with local collectives.

The show will be performed at 19 towns and cities at the province of Valencia: Loriguilla, Manises, Alfara del Patriarca, La Font de la Figuera, Cheste, Potries, Agullent, Manuel, Favara, Alpuente. Anna, Cortes de Pallàs, Quart de Poblet, Ontinyent, Requena, Benetússer, Alzira, Benifaió y Valencia.

The show is directed by Anna Marí who writes part of the texts together with Gabi Ochoa, Javier Sahuquillo, Guada Sáez and Daniel Tormo.  The show is performed by: Natalia Adamczyk (Poland), Marc Company (València), Mara Hold (Germany), Stefano d’Ippolito (Italy), Lucas Casasco (Brazil), Szymon Miczek (Poland), Manuel Ramminger (Austria), Maria Rubio (València), Ismael Sempere (Alicante), Judith Sanz (Soria), Glòria Vindel (València) and Clelia Zoccatelli (Italy).

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