Expociència receives more than 4,000 registrations from secondary and high school students in its virtual edition

  • Science Park
  • November 19th, 2020
Ana Cros
La catedrática de Física Aplicada Ana Cros, durante los preparativos de una de las sesiones de e-XPOCIENCIA

Only four days before the start of the activities, more than 4,000 registrations from secondary and high school students have been received for the next virtual edition of e-XPOCIÈNCIA, which will be held from 23 to 27 November. This formula, which this year replaces the traditional science festival postponed last May due to the pandemic, will offer different online sessions for juvenile scientific debate and a chemical theatre performance to conclude the celebration.

Universitat de València holds e-XPOCIÈNCIA 2020 with a series of colloquial and informative lectures open to debate via streaming which will reach secondary and high school classrooms during the week of 23-27 November. The programme encompasses a total of eight sessions focused on topics of general scientific interest, such as artificial intelligence, big data, renewable energies, genetically modified food or vaccines, among others.

In line with the traditional Expociència, the scientists themselves will be the ones to raise each question and who will be at the disposal of the students and participating teachers online. This is a great opportunity to arouse curiosity, solve doubts and share ideas with researches who work daily with the European Space Agency or in projects of the Large Particle Accelerator of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN); or perhaps they work in biodiversity conservation, energy efficiency and natural environment since a great number of them carry out their tasks in the Science Park of the Universitat and participate, year after year, in every single Expociència’s edition.

What is the purpose of satellites, what do we know about neutrinos, new materials for energetic efficiency, data and Artificial Intelligence to change the humanity, the challenges of the modern high-precision medicine, image processing with the phone, the future of food packaging or life essential microorganisms are some of the topics which the students will be able to deepen by the hand of experts of the Universitat de València, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and technological and science-based companies of the Science Park of the academic institution.

The lectures will take place throughout four days –from 23 to 26– and will be moderated by the physician and scientific disseminator Alberto Aparici. The programme can be consulted in www.expociencia.org and will conclude on Friday 27 November with the show ‘La química es puro teatro, el teatro es pura química’ (Chemistry is pure theatre, theatre is pure chemistry), a proposal for dissemination of the Faculty of Chemistry that has been a reality since 2008 through the Chemical Theatre company. The last session will be preceded by the awards ceremony of the Premios Experimenta 2020.

At this point, and just four days before the start of the activities, e-XPOCIÈNCIA has already received more than 4,000 registrations from students and professors from almost 200 centres, mainly in the Valencian Community, for the conferences that will put on the table current scientific issues.

Although it is aimed at secondary and high school public, e-XPOCIÈNCIA 2020 is open to everyone’s participation.

Links to the different sessions will be available on Expociència’s website  www.expociencia.org

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