The Faculty of Psychology organises the II International Sessions ‘Educant en emocions: adolescència i benestar’

  • May 31st, 2016

The Faculty of Psychology has organised on 2 and 3 June the II International Sessions ‘Educant en emocions: adolescència i benestar’ (‘Educating with emotions: adolescence and welfare’). This meeting will gather more than 300 specialists in the area, among primary, secondary and university professors as well as students from the Psychology degree.

At the forefront of the sessions there is the research group EMINA (Educating in emotions in childhood and adolescence), with a research trajectory of more than a decade in the area of children and adolescent development.

Currently, the group is formed by professors and researchers of the universities of València, Jaume I of Castelló, Catholic of Valencia, European of Valencia, Leiden, Bologna and Berlin, as well as of the Technological Institute for Toy-making and other Psychology professionals.

The aim of these sessions is to make known for the educational community the last research results and to present emotional education programmes for students, teachers and relatives.

Their organisation is inside the research project ‘Potenciar el benestar psicològic i la convivència escolar en adolescents a través de l’educació en emocions: estudi longitudinal’ (‘Strengthening psychological welfare and School cohabitation in adolescents through emotional education: a longitudinal study’), given by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


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