Female adultery and “wild” children are the main topics of the Cinema Club in June

  • May 31st, 2017

The Cinema Club of the Universitat de València concludes its customary programming of the 2016-2017 academic year with two series of films that will take place in June. It will be possible to watch three films about adulterous women and the point of view of the society at the Rector Peset Hall of Residence. On the other hand, the series of films will show four real stories about children who were brought up in particular circumstances at the Palau de Cerveró.

The entry is free. Films will be displayed in subtitled original version, and they will be followed by a brief presentation. Then, they will be discussed in a colloquium.

Series Los pequeños salvajes 

The Cinema Club wants to show four true stories with real data about these ‘wild children’ in its last series of films. These four cases are different in terms of time, location and circumstances, but they have something in common. This is the ability to shake the public and make people think about how important the education is for our society.

The programming will start on Thursday 1 June with El enigma de Gaspar Hauser (Werner Herzog, 1974), which talks about a boy who was brought up in a cave in Germany during the 19th century and then, he had to face the repudiation by society which considered him as a fairground ride. Next session will be on Thursday 8 June with the film El pequeño salvaje (François Truffaut, 1970), an anthropologic approach by Truffaut thanks to the data of Doctor Jean Itard. This film is about the educational process of a child who was brought up in a forest. It is possible to see a similar case on Thursday 15 June with Entrelobos (Gerardo Olivares, 2010), in which a child will make contact with these animals after the death of the shepherd. And, on Thursday 22 June, the series will conclude with Mockingbird Don’t Sing (Harry Bromley Davenport, 2001), a heart-rending true story about a girl who was isolated in her room during thirteen years.

Series Visiones de la mujer adúltera

This series has the aim of thinking about the marriage within the occidental social environment, in which religion and patriarchal tradition are very important and have a close relationship. In addition to that, it is important to take into account the role of women who have been traditionally considered inferior in society as well as in marriage. So, the films will reflect some interesting situations which deserve the debate.

The series will start next Tuesday 6 June with the screening of Infiel (Liv Ullman, 2000), a biographic film written by Ingmar Bergman and directed by one of his muses. This film leads to think about love and infidelity in an emotive and existential way. Next session will be on Tuesday 13 June with Madame Bovary (Claude Chabrol, 1991), which is one of the several film adaptations of the classic of Gustave Flaubert. The leading role is a woman who has become the stereotype of an adulterous who tries to satisfy her desires outside her hypocrite and institutional marriage. Finally, on Tuesday 20 June, the programming will conclude with Deep Blue Sea (Terece Davies, 2011), a melodrama directed by Terence Davies in which the main character leaves her privileged life together with a judge of the Supreme Court of England to live a true romance with a handsome young boy.

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