Google, one of the most expected participants of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum of the Faculty of Philology

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  • March 4th, 2019
 Students at the Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum

The UV's Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum comes back in 2019 with an appointment at the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication. Next Tuesday, 5th of May, the start of this reunion of students and occupation will be at 9:30 at the assembly hall Sanchís i Guarner of the Faculty.

The technological and internet services multinational Google will be at the Forum giving one of the most expected and interesting talks. Guillermo Garrido, software engineer in Google, will be the representative of the company in Philology and will be in charge of letting the students know the professional profiles Google is looking for when hiring new staff. This will be the inaugural act, which will take place at the assembly hall at 10:00.

Among the several activities the occupation service of the Universitat, UVocupació, has prepared for this new appointment with employability, there’s the identity in social networks workshop, given by Eve Patterson, translation responsible at the translation agency Big Translation. He will explain the importance of building a solid and coherent professional profile image in order to achieve guaranteed and quality employability.

Next, before the end of the morning conferences, there will be some networking time with the participating companies so that the students can get to know first hand the necessities and the profiles the companies are looking for. Around 35 companies from the fields of culture, translation, communication, education, editorials and audiovisual will bring the labour market closer to the students. 

The conference will go on in the afternoon at 16:00 at lecture halls 02 and 03 of the Faculty with ‘Un café pel futur’, an invitation to have a coffee with professionals from companies who will share with the attendees their personal experience in a distended way. They will also help them find opportunities in the labour market: profile definition, skills development and undertaking.

Moreover, UVocupació experts will offer the students the possibility to check their CVs and personal brands through their express workshops. This Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum conference will end with the diplomas award ceremony to the participating companies, as a way to acknowledge their indispensable work and collaboration. 

Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum, organised by the occupation service of the Universitat, UVocupació, is a meeting place for students, companies and organisations. Is an opportunity to begin building their professional future along with experts, advisers and people who, in the end, know a lot about the labour market; a meeting point for information exchange. 

The Faculty of Philology is the third after History’s and Pharmacy’s that hosts the Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum with this agile disposition created ad hoc for each centre. The next Fòrum will take place at the Faculty of Law, the 3rd of April. 

Participating companies

The Fòrum d’Ocupació i Emprenedoria of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication has been sponsored by the Valencian occupation service, Labora. It has also been attended by many companies and organisations from the world of culture, communication and translation, like À Punt, Diario Levante-EMV, Big Translation, Valencia Plaza, Job Trust, Albert Pla Agencia de Comunicación, Interpunct Translations, Barret Films, Instituto San Fernando de la Lengua Española, Tecnolingüística, Grupo Comunico, Costa València, Red C ross, Empieza por Educar, JPM Ediciones or Sanserif Creatius.

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