Inauguration of the XXXI International Symposium on Social Science Didactics

  • Office of the Principal
  • April 27th, 2021
Inauguración del XXXI Simposio Internacional de Didáctica de las Ciencias Sociales
M. Vicenta Mestre, rectora de la Universitat de València, y Ana María Botella, decana de la Facultat de Magisteri durante la inauguración de la jornada

More than 320 teachers and researchers took part in the meeting. They delved into aspects of the teaching of Social Sciences, in search of answers to the challenges posed by the training-learning of this subject from Early Childhood Education to teacher training itself.

The University of Valencia has hosted the celebration of the XXXI International Symposium on Didactics of Social Sciences, a meeting that will take place between Tuesday 27 April and Thursday 29. Experts and professionals have delved into the aspects of the curriculum of this area of knowledge, especially those relating to educational practices at different stages.

This meeting follows the meetings held in Valladolid (2018) on new ways of teaching Social Sciences, and in Lisbon (2019) on the challenges affecting teacher training, which, due to the pandemic exceptional situation, had to be held in 2021 instead of 2020.

The title of the meeting is Rethinking the Curriculum of Social Sciences: Educational Practices for a Critical Citizenship, and it has involved several activities, such as round tables, communications and meetings of young researchers. It is one of the most relevant in the Ibero-American sphere, as more than 320 teachers and researchers have participated, having received more than 170 texts presented, among others.

Participants have tried to respond to the challenges posed by the teaching-learning of Social Sciences from Early Childhood Education to teacher training itself, especially in relation to the curriculum and practices in school contexts.

The Symposium was organised by the SOCIAL(S) Group (Research and innovation group on Geography and History Teaching of the University of Valencia) and by the Asociación Universitaria de Profesorado de Didáctica de las Ciencias Sociales (Association of Teachers of Social Science Didactics) (AUPDCS), with the collaboration of the Faculty of Teaching and the University of Valencia.

Participants in the inauguration of the conference included M. Vicenta Mestre, Principal of the University of Valencia, and Ana María Botella, Dean of the Faculty of Teaching, who spoke from Principal building; Margarida Castellano, General Director of Educational Innovation and Planning of the Council for Education, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana, and Nicolás de Alba, President of the Association of Teachers of Social Science Didactics of the University of Seville. The event was led by Juan Carlos Colomer, coordinator of the organising committee and member of the Department of Experimental and Social Sciences Education at the University of Valencia.

In addition, during this meeting, tribute was paid to professors Ernesto Gómez, University of Málaga; Aurora Arroyo, University of Las Palmas; and Joan Pagès, Autonomous University of Barcelona.